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What’s next in the planning 2019 ….

What’s next in the planning 2019 ….

In March 2019 the Early Help project which has been the core funder for our termly STOP and Incredible Years groups comes to an end. Whilst we are saddened, the reality is this will mean we are not currently able to deliver parenting groups across Essex post April 2019. We are great believers in “when one door closes …another opens.” For the directors this provides us with an opportunity to take a sabbatical. During the sabbatical we will be focusing on;

  • Reviewing our business model: It has been 10 years since the company started and we will take time to reflect on our learning to date and review what the model needs for the Ministry of parenting CIC to be effective for the next 10 years.
    RAP manual: evaluating the RAP project and writing the “Teen FLASH “ training manual
    Social media; We aim to develop our online resources and communication pathways via the social media.
    Increase in the number of children diagnosed with ASD and ADHD; We plan to develop resources/protocols for our STOP and FLASH programmes.
    MoP international: Both directors in the last few years have spent time working in India. In addition to this our FLASH and STOP programmes have been embraced by professionals across the world. This has resulted in our increased interest in exploring how our parent training knowledge can be culturally accessible. We have been offered the prospect to implement parenting early intervention in India and China.
    Change in premises Mindful of increasing premises costs we are exploring options to reduce core running costs which will enable more funds for delivery and development of interventions
    Parent group work: we plan to return to the delivery of the programmes… as this is what we enjoy most!

Please Note during the sabbatical
Trainings and Supervision: We will still be delivering ALL of our trainings and will continue to offer supervision. In addition, our focus will be in developing our “train the trainer” pathways.

These changes are a reminder that just as in parenting you must adapt and change to meet the needs of a growing child, as a company we are adapting and changing for growth. This will enable us to continue to deliver and develop early interventions and support our community of parents and families in the challenges they face today