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We strongly recommend services visit the Incredible Years site to order their resources particularly as the Incredible Years offer discounts, which we do not.

We WILL order for services, professionals and parents in the UK who are NOT able, or who would find it difficult, to order directly. On purchase of the full IY Programmes please note that an additional cost of £350 applies to incorporate HMRC Import VAT, Duties, IY US shipping and Handling Charge, UPS Brokerage Surcharge, Courier, Administration and Bank Wiring charges. Product prices will vary sometimes in line with current exchange rates, any queries, please email

Below are the most popular items from the Incredible Years; for more details on the Incredible Years product range please visit, or click on this next link for current prices pricelist (3)

If you need to order from the Ministry of Parenting you can use our PURCHASE ORDER FORM IY and email on to us at

The Incredible Years School Aged
Preschool Basic Parenting Program
Preschool Basic Parenting Program
Parents and Toddlers Basic Program
Parents and Toddlers Basic Program

Parents and Babies Program

The Incredible Babies Book


The Incredible Toddlers Book

Piggy Bank Poster

The Incredible Years