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We are delighted to announce that Jane Davidson from Dorset is joining April Shepherdson of Norwich and Jeannie Gordon from Essex as MoP’s Incredible Years Mentors team. Jane will be providing training in East Sussex and Dorset on behalf of the Ministry of Parenting.

Ministry of Parenting – Incredible Years Training Evaluation Report on Twelve IY Trainings IY last 12 trainings Report

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Training Calendar 2018 and 2019
Incredible Years Programme Protocals and Training Requirement Overview 2016
Draft Costs of in House Incredible Years Training
About Incredible Years Background Information on Carolyn Webster Stratton
The Incredible Years Information Sheet
School Readiness Programme Information
Preschool Coaching
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Dr Carolyn Webster Stratton CV
Non IY group session Handouts EXPRESSION OF INTEREST
Parents Application Form
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Birth to Three Matters Cards
Birth to Three Matters Booklet
Parent Job Role Handout
Davis Meltzer Helping Tasks – provided by Jane Davidson
Family Partnership – provided by Jane Davidson
Helping Parents Change, Challenging Skills – provided by Jane Davidson
Emotional Piggy Bank – provided by Jane Davidson
The Attention Rule – provided by Jane Davidson
Accreditation Incredible Years Accreditation Process and Cost
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Application Checklist for Certification as a Preschool BASIC Parent Program Group Leader
The Incredible Years Accreditation Process & Cost
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IY Programs – Levels of Intervention Pyramid According to Population Risk
IY Programs – Pyramid According to Population Risk
Tailoring the IY BASIC Parenting Programs to the Parent Population
Tailoring the IY BASIC Parenting Programs to the Parent Population Early Version
Facilitators Guide
MoP Incredible Years evaluation reports IY Parent Training Coaching and Support Infrastructure
Ministry of Parenting – Incredible Years Training Evaluation Report on Twelve IY Trainings IY last 12 trainings Report
Report on two pilot Incredible Years AS Project
Report on IY School Aged in Mid Essex 2014
Attentive Parenting Groups Report 2013-2014
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FIF North Parenting parents feedback from 2 groups
Adapting the IY Programs According the Developmental Needs of the Children
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Incredible Years reports and articlesReport on two pilot Incredible Years AS Project
PEIP Analysis – No National Comparison
PEIP Analysis – With National Comparison
Early Intervention
Effective Parenting Interventions
Choosing your intervention according to risk status of population
Peer Coach Pyramid
Incredible Years community practitioner 11-2012
IY Parents Experience Report December 2016 – iy-parents-experience-report-dec-2016
Parent-training/education programmes in the management of children with conduct disorders
Long-Term Outcomes of Incredible Years Parenting Programme: Predictors of Adolescent Adjustment
The Incredible Years Therapeutic Social and Emotional Skills Programme: A Pilot Study
The Incredible Years Therapeutic Dinosaur Programme to Build Social and Emotional Competence in Welsh Primary Schools
Combing Parent and Child Training for Young Children with ADHD
Efficacy of the Incredible Years Programme as an early intervention for children with conduct problems and ADHD: long-term follow-up
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Child Care in Practice
Early Years Report
The Home Front Report
Impact of Therapists’ Skill Report
Implementing The Incredible Years Programmes