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What Parents Say


What Parents Say

Testimony for parent who completed the South Essex parenting group July 2018 “I was given this opportunity and it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done. I‘ve rated this course to so many people who have problems with children (even without labels). I am one of those people who thought no way would it help but my life I’ve been pulling my hair out and it is a god send not only for the knowledge but to get that worth feeling and that you’re not on your own. Special time, reward charts almost everything we do on a weekly bass has HELPED me and I would recommend to anyone who is going through the same sort of thing but also say as; I suffer with things of my own how MUCH it’s helped me and Lesley Bentley (what a great woman) and Tracy… 2 beautiful lovely women. 2 of the nicest people I’ve ever met”.

Testimony for parent who completed the Mid Essex parenting group July 2018  “The course is phenomenal. It has made a profound difference to the individual lives within -and well-being of – our family. Thank you for funding my participation – and please keep funding this programme; ideally, increase the funding available to reach even more parents.
I’m an educated woman (with 2 Masters Degrees – one in Coaching and Behavioural Change!) yet I was ill equipped to deal with the changes in my son’s behaviour.
The course helped me to step back, remove the emotional ‘charge’ from the situation and begin to understand what might be happening; looking at my behaviour and my interactions with my son first. The facilitators were highly skilled in helping each member of the group to identify their own challenges, and supported us in developing solutions rooted in Carolyn Webster-Stratton’s approach.
Tonight my son told me that a friend’s parent had shouted at him. So I explored why and how this had made him feel. He then asked me if I’d been shouted at when I was a child. I said yes, lots of times, especially by my mummy. He then told me that I was a better mummy. We explored this further – he meant a better mummy than his grandmother but when I asked him if I was a better mummy than before he said yes. I asked him if my course had helped me and he said “yes, it’s made you calmer”. Then he said something surprising … ‘the course helped me too because you learned me things from it like being calmer and listening more”.
So I hope you can see that the learning has spread from me to my children and made all of our relationships richer as a result. I can’t thank you enough for this wonderful gift.

Better Mummy : Reflections of special time from a parent attending the School-Aged Incredible Years Group Programme Better Mummy_ parents reflections on special time

Case Study

X is a single parent with parental mental health difficulties.  She has a child aged 7 with low self-esteem, scholastic failure and emotional difficulties. X attended the Incredible Years parenting group programme and within 6 weeks of the programme was finding new strategies which supported positive changes within the home environment.  Working within the group, this parent began to explore some of the early difficulties in their own life and the trauma’s they had experienced.  The parent also managed to utilise the strategies presented in the IY programme to excellent effect. This parent has shown significant changes within the last 6 sessions and is looking forward to continuing the progress with the remaining sessions ahead. The parent wrote the following testimony:

Parents feedback from STOP Group (Colchester (2017)

I am just writing to thank you both for all the support and advice you have imparted over the 10 week STOP course.
When I sought help through CAMHS initially last summer, we were on the verge of losing control completely, and attempting to support my daughter in her challenging behaviour was bringing me to breaking point and having a massively negative impact on the other children and family life in general. This was the low point after 10 years of struggle and I really could not see any way forward.
Now I have a happy child, who smiles and hugs, thrives at school, who snipes at the others less, who has not lost control for weeks despite a couple of challenging incidents which, in the past, would have caused an explosion. She is also increasingly self-aware and can recognise aspects of her behaviour which have caused a negative impact on both herself and us. And all of this without ever speaking to a doctor or a counsellor.
This massive sea-change has come from changes in my approach and my partner’s, based on what we have learnt from you. Initially I could not see how me attending a course could possibly have such an effect on my ‘problematic’ child and I only came in order to open other doors for us, but in retrospect, this course may well be all we need to move forward and deal with the challenges normal teenage behaviour will throw at us. Just knowing that you are at the end of a phone, if things deteriorate, is like being given a panic button !
We are all so much happier and my relationship with my daughter has changed beyond what I would ever have hoped. Fingers crossed it lasts, I will keep trying very hard. Thank you to you both. Please feel free to share what I have said in this letter with your sponsors”
Parent’s Response

‘I really believe this course is the best thing to show me how to spend those five minutes special time with my child and to talk and show them by my own behaviour how I expect them to behave.  I’ve learned to set boundaries that are helpful to them.  The boring jobs then get done and great family fun can be had all together.  We all now realise getting results for everybody in the family means more time for each other and the fun things in life (the family unit) makes all of us very happy and is the biggest reward we can all have.

Quote from a parent – Dec 2016 “Don’t be put off by the course being 12 weeks long and the sessions being over 2 hours long – it’s not long enough! Do the course as soon as you can, it is incredibly valuable and it really does work. It is all about changing different principles of your parenting to bring about long term positive change. I did not think I would enjoy it as much as I did, or get out of it as much as I did. A brilliant course”

Quote from a parent attending the Incredible years Autism group programme “Thanks for all the helpful information and support this year – I have really enjoyed the course so far and found it very useful. I have brought my son an egg spinning chair for Christmas. I feel like I am slowly morphing into one of the vignette parents!!!”


“Dear Debbi and Lesley – Signing  up for the STOP programme was a very daunting thing to do. BUT, as it turns out, it was possibly one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Your weekly smiles and positive energy has had a massive impact on my life. You have helped me to learn about myself & made me think. I’ve realised the importance of stopping and thinking, before acting. My family is in a much better place and we are on the right path and the future looks brighter. Thanks for not making me feel like a failure. Thanks for your understanding. Thanks for your time. Thanks for your support. Thanks for the fun along the way. Forever grateful to you both x. STOP Group

‘Thank you for running such an informative and practical course. I hope more parents can join this course and learn about parenting.’ – STOP Group (A Supportive Programme for Parents of Teens)

‘Its been fantastic for me and my children. I don’t want it to end. Thank you.’ – STOP Group 

‘Thank you for all your help. I feel a different person and value my relationship with my teenager on a different level now. I can’t thank you enough for being there for me. I would highly recommend this group to anyone.’ – STOP Group 

‘I was eager to attend every class as I found them very beneficial for me and my family. I learnt to connect better with my children through play as a result. I would like to thank you for selecting and providing our group (The Colchester Bangladeshi Mohila Shemoti) with your services.’ – Incredible Years Group

‘I felt that  sharing ‘problems’ with the Leaders and Group members resulted in different approaches to solve problems’ – Incredible Years School Aged Group

‘Learning about special time, actually having it at home, is great, enjoying my girls again, learning to play and have fun’ – Incredible Years Group School Aged Group

‘The whole programme has been really helpful. I feel confident to be able to deal with my children’s behaviour and more equipped to overcome any new issues.’ – Incredible Years School Aged Group

‘I liked meeting other people with similar problems. I appreciated the support from the leaders and feeling like I was part of something. The role play and discussions helped me.’Incredible Years Toddler Group

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