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Posters & flyersToolbox – Toolbox poster designed by Peter Deaves
Recommended Books 1 Suffolk-Libraries-books-on-parenting-ADHD
2 Suffolk-Libraries-books-on-parenting-Autism-and-Aspergers
3 Suffolk-Libraries-books-on-parenting-Bullying
4 Suffolk-Libraries-books-on-parenting-Dyslexia
Articles relating to children with ADHDFoods to Avoid with ADHD – a helpful document on foods to avoid with children with ADHD
Glossary of ADHD Terms

ADHD – Useful information on Definition of ADHD/Signs and Symptoms/Risk Factors/Treatment and Therapies

Conduct disorders – Causes/Signs and Symptoms/diagnosis/treatment/what happens next/prevention
30 good things about having ADHD
ADHD - facts
ADHD - Great Ormond St Hospital information sheet
ADHD Myths and Facts
Fidgets - tools that take away stress
How ADHD has given me the drive to become a top film maker
Articles relating to children with ASD/ASCSwivelling helps kids with ADHD perform better at schoolwork
Many faces of Thomas
choice boards
Strategies to improve sleep ASD ( ASATN)
Brothers, sisters and autism, a parents guide yo supporting siblings (OAR)
toliet training and ASD
Gender and Autism
The Sensory Hangover
Sensory strategies for personal care (Autism Anglia)
Vestibular Dysfunction and Sensory Processing
What is interoception and how does it impact thoes with Autism
Types of primitive Reflexes
Living with Vestibular disorder (by VEDA) tips to help you cope with everyday challenges
Our sensory system
Sensory HotspotsThe Importance of Play in the Development of Language Skills
Articles relating to Screen and social mediaHow to Stop the Kids racking up Big Bills on your Tablet Computer
Parents Guide to the latest Social Media and Instant Messaging Apps
Children and watching TV
Play ideas/Articles20 ways to play at the supermarket – fun things to do whilst shopping!
20 ways to play in the bathroom – fun things to do with your little one whilst in the bathroom
Just playing
The best toys are the ones you play together ( for parents of young children with ADHD)
Easy games to teach children to follow instructions
Whats so special about special time
Play dough recipe
50 things to do before you are 11 (National Trust)
Praise Articles101 ways to praise a child
Reward Articles20 things to use as rewards for children
Example of a parent made Technology Time Chart- using screen time to reward positive behaviours
Limit Setting ArticlesPromoting-Healthy-Lifestyle-SchoolAge-
Time out and Controling anger Articles
Articles & Handouts relating to Parents taking care of themselves Advice for crisis support