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One-to-One Parent Coaching Programme

After successful trialling of our Incredible Years Home Coaching and the PIT-STOP Service, the Ministry of Parenting now offers parents and carers help and support on parenting issues on a one-to-one basis, in their homes, or at the Ministry of Parenting in Colchester.

This coaching will address the characteristic difficulties often found within the various age frames. Typically these would include ‘bonding with your baby’; ‘social, emotional and persistent coaching with your toddler’; ‘limit-setting with your school-aged child’ and ‘power struggles, aggression, empathy and problem solving with your teenager’.

Your parent coach will be a highly experienced professional, who is a specialist in working with families and individuals. We will match your situation with the appropriate parent-coach so that as a parent you can be assured that you are receiving the right support for the difficulties you are experiencing.

The number of sessions you have will be dependent on your situation and this would be arranged and agreed with you on the initial consultation session.

The Ministry of Parenting has two parenting coaching options open to you:

  1. MoP-based one-to-one sessions – these are sessions where you, the parent/carer, come to the Ministry of Parenting premises for the parenting sessions.
  2. Home-based one-to-one sessions – these are sessions where one of our home-coaching professionals comes to you, the parent/carer, at your home. Costs for the home based one-to-one sessions are higher, as prices are calculated to include mileage and professionals travelling time. For either option we require an initial consultation whereby we can discuss your requirements and plan our future work together
  3. Please click link to download full cost tariff. Cost Tariff 260815