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How to refer yourself to a parenting group

Please click on this link  The-Application-Process  to see how to apply for current parenting courses.

Click here Current-menu-of-courses-and-referral-criteria to see current parenting courses and where they are running


Click on the ‘Requestfor’ links below to apply for the Incredible Years School-Aged and STOP programmes.

RequestforEarlyHelpWEST(1) West Essex

RequestforEarlyHelpSOUTH(1) – South Essex

RequestforEarlyHelpNORTH-EAST1 – North-East Essex

RequestforEarlyHelpMID – Mid-Essex

early help services directory  Please note that the only restriction to accessing the Early Help Services is that the person being referred is not already working with specialist support services, such as Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS), Family Solutions, Social Care. Click here for the Early Help Services Information Leaflet

FLASH PROGRAMME – FLASH Referral Form. This programme runs in North-East Essex and referral forms must be sent directly to The Ministry of Parenting.

INCREDIBLE YEARS ‘AS’  PROGRAMME – ‘AS’ (Autism Spectrum) Referral FormWhen running in North-East Essex (Colchester) referral forms must be sent directly to The Ministry of Parenting.

We do not charge parents for attending the groups.

We are not normally able to attend a Professional, CAF or Child Protection meeting for families we work with, but are able to inform in writing if the parent is attending a course. PLEASE note however the parenting groups are not parenting assessments.

We cannot provide childcare support unless commissioned to do so.

We cannot refund travel costs to parents.

The Ministry of Parenting can only accept referrals for groups we have been commissioned to run. If you wish to discuss a referral please call 01206 562626.