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Common Questions

Common questions

Can I refer myself to a parenting course? Yes, you can. Please go to the drop-down link  ‘How to refer yourself to a parenting group’

How long are the courses?  The course length is normally 2 hours long, one day a week, over 12-14 weeks, dependent on the course. There will be no groups in the Half-Term/Bank Holiday Dates

Can I bring my child with me? Only in the Incredible Years Baby Group can the child attend with the parent, and the child must be under 6 months old.

Cost? Currently there is no cost to the parent as all the parent courses are sponsored by a range of funding grants. The only expense to the parent is your travel costs. Refreshments are also free!

What am I going to get out of it? Feedback from the parents who have undertaken the courses state they get an abundant amount of knowledge and support.

Knowledge comes in various forms, such as: more positive time with your children and other family members, causing less family stress; not getting into power struggles with your children; guidelines on how to focus on positives rather than negatives.

Support  will be offered throughout the Programme by the Group facilitators. As the parents get to know each other, so the support grows amongst them and this support system can be on-going.

There are many other things that you will get out of being in the Group such as having time with other adults; not feeling that you are on your own and that you are the only one that has the difficulties. – What Parents Say

What is the average size of the group? Normally about 10 parents per course.

If I don’t get the answers I need is there a next step? The group facilitators are very approachable and friendly and will always suggest where to get further advice and information where possible.

What will be expected of me as an individual? There is an expectation for you to attend at least 80% of the course and take part in home activities i.e. you may be asked to spend extra time with your child on a certain activity, such as playing with your child, or reading to them. This is to help you fully benefit from the programme. Spending the time with your children will help any difficulties that you came across on that given activity, being explored within the group

How do I get myself onto a Parenting Course?; there are one of two ways, you can either self-refer by completing the on-line form from the website, or you can contact and ask for one to be sent, or call us on 01206 562626.

The other way is when you are referred by a professional, such as a Doctor, Support Councellor, or Social Services. They will complete the form on your behalf and return the form to us. The Referrer must inform you if they are sending a Referral Form on your behalf.

Once the Application Form has been received we will either contact you if further information is needed, offer you a place on a Group if one is due to start, or place you on the waiting list. You will be notified of each stage of the process.

Is this the Group for me?; on the website you will see the current parenting groups running. Each group will be dependent on the age of your child/children. For instance, Incredible Years School-Aged Programme accommodates parents of children aged 4-10 years and will cover a range of behavioural difficulties, this Group will also help parents of children that have traits, or have been diagnosed with ADHD, ADD, Aspergers and with some aspects of Autism. Please check jargon list.

STOP (A Supportive Programme for parents of Teens) will accommodate parents of children aged 10 to 16 years and will cover a range of behavioural difficulties.

 How does the AS incredible years course for parents with additional needs compliment MAZE? Yes, it does compliment MAZE . The content topics in the incredible years AS course are ;
• Child-Directed Narrated Play Promotes Positive Relationships
• Pre-Academic and Persistence Coaching Promotes Language Development
• and School Readiness
• Social Coaching Promotes Friendship Skills
• Emotion Coaching Promotes Emotional Literacy
• Pretend Play Promotes Empathy and Social Skills
• Promoting Children’s Self-Regulation Skills
• Using Praise and Rewards to Motivate Children
• Limit Setting and Behaviour Management

Is the AS IY course it so similar to MAZE that it is better to send a parent to one or the other or do you think there are benefits of a parent attending both?  I have had parents do both courses and they find it really helpful .

Is it best that parents/carers apply for courses themselves through the website or that I refer for them? We accept both – it what’s best for the parent – ideally doing it with them as the FIF early intervention form can be confusing

I assume there are costs /fees but are there ways around them through funding that you know of? For the incredible years and STOP courses – these are free if they come under the FIF early intervention project i.e. have no family solution, social care or the child/YP is receiving treatment via mental health services. RAP is free as it has been grant funded and the only remit is the age of the YP ( 11-17 yrs) and that they self-harm or have a recent history of self-harm.